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QOTD: What’s the best way to use my tuition refund check?

So you’re a few weeks into the new semester. Classes have started, you’ve made copies of the 75 pages your professor has assigned you out of her new book (never pay for the whole book), and you’re awaiting the most glorious part of the semester: refund check week. Before you buy those Yeezys, book spring break, or otherwise blow it on something reckless, back away from the ‘confirm’ buttons, and continue reading!…

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What type of investments should I establish for my children?

Someone asked me a my opinion on which investments to establish for their children. I thought others may be interested so I’m posting my response for everyone. There are several great options for investing on behalf of your children. Disclaimer: I am not an investment adviser. Information presented here is purely for informational purposes. For detailed advice, be sure to speak with an investment professional before making a decision. 529 Plans If…

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