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Let’s Talk Car Insurance

This was my husband’s Durango after being stolen from our driveway on Monday. All four wheels, dashboard, roof lining, steering wheel, and his favorite emergency cologne were gone. The police estimate it took about an hour to do all this. Cool, right? My husband spent the day stressed, pissed off, and mentally drained from all the phone calls and running around. Honestly, I was a little impressed. Beyond the headache of dealing…

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Lessons From My January Financial Fast

Many of you know that I just wrapped up a financial fast for the month of January. I wanted to share my results from the fast and the lessons I’ve learned about my finances thus far. Results Disclaimer: This excludes bills, groceries, and items that I paid in January with money that was previously set aside. This is exclusively my spending money for the month. I spent a total of $359. In…

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