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Danielle Moncure

How I’m Preparing for the New Year

It’s crazy to think that there are just 14 more days left in 2017. As the year comes to a close, and things start to slow down, I like to use this time to prepare for the year ahead. Tax planning The tax accountant in me always thinks about this first. With only one payroll period remaining, now is a good time to evaluate your tax position. If you do not have…

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Entrepreneurship: Is the Grass Really Greener?

A couple of weeks ago, I’d had a particularly rough day at work, which led me to post “I’m leaving the W-2 life behind soon. Over it.” What followed was encouragement from some to dive into entrepreneurship, warnings from others, and one really interesting conversation with a friend. She’s offered me amazing perspective and guidance more than once, and that day was no different. She replied, “I haven’t heard anyone say the blood…

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Top Reasons Your Budget Always Fails Pt. 2

Hello All! Last time we talked about the most common budget mistakes that cause our attempts at budgeting to land DOA. Believe it or not, most people have made one or all of those mistakes at some point. *Raises hand  *Raises husband’s hand. But that doesn’t mean bad habits can’t be corrected. Today I’m going to dive into some best practices I use to avoid these mistakes. Let’s get started. It wasn’t…

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Top Reasons Your Budget Always Fails Pt. 1

What’s a money blog without a discussion about budgeting? I know many of you hear the ‘B’ word and automatically let out an exasperated sigh, or you get overwhelmed just thinking about it. Some folks get so frustrated because despite their best intentions, budgeting just doesn’t work for you. It’s ok, relax. I agree, it isn’t easy. Especially if you grew up in a household where sound budgeting practices weren’t always understood,…

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Why You Should Start Preparing for the Holidays Now

October ushers in my personal favorite time of year. Sweater weather, the best of college football, apple chai lattes…and holiday shopping? Yes, you read that right. While I am admittedly anti-holiday gift giving, the hubs and his family love it, so in recent years I’ve come on board. Who am I to buck their family tradition? Although my husband is adamant about giving presents, he is also a chronic non-planner. This usually…

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